Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20, 2015

So we got a call late last night saying that Elders Kalama, and Inbody are getting transferred... and since Elder Miller is going home... I am taking over the area here in Fort Walton Beach.. Crazy because I have only been out for 6 weeks and I am already in charge of an area! I find out who my new companion is this Wednesday so I am super excited and nervous!! I hope he is cool or else I am coming home ;) just kidding!!
Recently I have been getting up at like 6 and getting a solid workout in.. I have seen the biggest change in my days! Its amazing! I just have felt more in tune with the spirit because of how awake I am!

We had an appointment with a less active member Billy...  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Brother Brill after for dinner! Super fun!!

Friday we had trade offs with the Spanish elders. Kalama came with miller and I and inbody went to the Spanish side. During personal studies I read the talk "Becoming men and women of integrity" by Tad R. Callister. Such a boss talk!! Everyone should definitely read it!! Kalama Miller and I went to this lady Marsha's house who we had previously met tracting. She would talk and say "You know what God is telling me right now" He is saying: Marsha, everything these boys are teaching is false... I don't need another book to expand the gospel." We were like whhhhaatttt!! The whole conversation she claims God was speaking to her about our "false teachings"... I wanted to be like yeah sorry but that's your self conscience talking hah! She is crazy but I love her!! We thought she was a potential Gator... but nope ha!

We had another BBQ with Wayne and Lima.. They cook the most food ever haha! It was so fun though! The park was super cool but it was infested with bugs which was annoying as heck!!!

Church was good yesterday. Jay met us in the parking lot before church and told us that he is going to go to a different church because he is trying to find the right one for him... It was sad to hear but its okay! He will be back! That's a fact!!! We went tracting and we talked to this catholic lady and she said that we wish we believed in Jesus Christ... I said " Ma'm look whos name is bold on our name tag" She said "Oh" hahah it was funny!

Well it was a good week! I hope you all are doing very good!!!
Love, Elder BALDWIN

Trade offs with Elder Kalama

Big fat blister--EEEWWW!!!

July 13th

Wassup Wassup family!!

So I had my first Zone Training on Tuesday out in NiceVille. Super fun time even though it was 3 hours long haha!! 

On Wednesday I had lunch with Stephanie Given's (from Los Alamitos) parents that live in my area!! Love them so much already! We talked so much! We definitely lost track of time which kind of was bad but it is okay!! haha! We had a solid lesson with Jay later that day! We meet with him every other day now because he handed his company to one of hind friends so he can meet with us more often! Good stuff!! We had dinner at recently baptized Yogi's  house. He cooked us this Deer stew and oh man it was so bomb!! I have to say... It did destroy my stomach haha! 

So on Thursday we were driving around contacting the less actives near our dinner appointments house and we spotted a 6 ft chicken! YES A 6FT CHICKEN! Sickest thing ever! So we went right up the door and knocked to ask if we could take a photo... sadly the lady could care less about what we had to share haha but its okay cuz we got a sick photo!! The chickens name is Rex Goliath haha! SO sick!! 

Friday, I had a super good personal study. I watched The Prophet of the Restoration and then the story of John Tanner. John Tanner is a boss!!!! We went and sung at the old peoples home again and its super cool because some of them are remembering the songs that we sing so they sing along!! We went over to Jays again and taught him the proper prayer technique and then made him pray in front of us haha! AND HE DID!! He said that thats the first time he has prayed out loud! COOL STUFF! We had dinner at the Alba's house and Bro Alba and his son Dawson came and picked us up. I sat in the back next to Dawson in his car seat and he was eating Dorritos... He decides to use my shirt as his napkin so I had Dorritos all over my shirt hahah that little punk!!! 

SO elder kalama crashed his bike and has a hairline fracture in his shoulder hahah! So funny! So he tried to hit this jump on the sidewalk and fell and then his companion falls over him hahahah!! Just a big pile up!!

Jay and his wife Angelica showed up to sacrament meeting and it was so good for them!!! Lima and Wayne showed up to church and I was pumped as ever!! I had to teach Gospel Principles by myself which was very interesting because I got a days notice haha! Good thing the class was participating a lot!! Jay and Angelica had us over for dinner. We had bomb street tacos. We taught them the Restoration and it was so solid. The family was digging it so so hard!!! Baptism is definitely in their heads after the lesson so we are solo happy and excited for them!! 

Well, Thats all for this week!! I love you all and wish you the best for this week!
Love always, Elder Baldwin

6ft Chicken--Rex Goliath

Elder Miller

4th of July Week

Wassup Everybody! Happy 4th of July!!
First off, Thank you for the emails and love! I feel everyones support everyday!! On Tuesday, we went over to Jays place. He bought us 24 tacos to eat and those things absolutely destroyed us... haha! We had a solid lesson with him. We challenged him to gain a testimony for himself. Jay was talking for like an hour on how impressed he is that us missionaries give up so much to serve! He looks to me and says "especially you, someone who is disgustingly good looking and could get any girl that he wants." I was like ughhhhh.... Man crush on me for sure haha.
Wednesday felt like a PDAY, which probably isn't good to say but... We started the day by moving a less active family and the we drove to Destin for Millers doctors appointment. On the way back we finally picked up my bike from the Zone Leaders! I CALL HER MY HORSE CUZ SHE IS NIIICCCEEEEE. We also stopped by Ross on the way home and man that place just eats up my money somehow... haha. Later in the afternoon we went and visited a recent convert. her name is Hannah and while we were over there talking to here and her sister, the sister just straight up asks us if she can sing to us.... It was hilarious cuz here is this random girl belting gospel music! Good times. So Elder Kalama shared a very cool story with me, Here it is : So this guy was giving his farewell talk and in the talk he was telling a story of a dream he had about the pre existence. And in that dream he had met a friend. Tjis friend and Him were just clicking on everything. They grew to become best friends. So while talking to each other, and angel comes up to them and hands them each a letter. The friend opens his letter and it reads that he will be born into poverty, no gospel, a very difficult life, and he will be born in Costa Rica. The guy opens his letter and it tells him that he will be born into the Gospel and that life would be pretty simple for him. He looks to his friend and says "I will come find you". So this young man received his mission call to Costa Rica and being out for about a month or so he writes his bishop in 4 simple words saying "I found my friend". SO powerful!!
The 4th was a rough day for sure! I just missed the family so so much!! Wayne and Lima the Polynesians who play volleyball and basketball with us invited us to their bbq. When we were walking up their whole family started screaming at us because they didn't think we were going to show up haha! Man did they feed us... holy cow... Before Prayer, Lima circled the whole family up and told us missionaries that we are now part of their family... DOPE!!! Lima is tight!! He is less active. he came up and apologized and told us he is trying his very hardest! No judgment here brotha!! Lima showed up to church the next day and I got the biggest smile as he walked in. He doesn't even remember the last time he went to church. He liked his wards testimony meeting so much that he asked to stay for the next wards... SO we did. During their testimony meeting he gets up to the pulpit and bears his testimony!!!! I WAS SO PUMPED!!!!!!!
This morning we woke up at 4am because Wayne and Lima took us fishing haha! It was tight for sure!! It was so sick being out there fishing with the sunrise!! It sucked though because It totally reminded me of waking up early to go surfing... oh well haha! Momma Stevens took us to her gymnastics gym just a couple hours of go and my body is so messed up!! My joints are all out of whack but its all good!!

love always, Elder Baldwin

4th of July loot from Mom!

4th of July BBQ at the Stevens'.

BBQ with Lima and Wayne and family

Fishing at 4am!!!