Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20, 2015

So we got a call late last night saying that Elders Kalama, and Inbody are getting transferred... and since Elder Miller is going home... I am taking over the area here in Fort Walton Beach.. Crazy because I have only been out for 6 weeks and I am already in charge of an area! I find out who my new companion is this Wednesday so I am super excited and nervous!! I hope he is cool or else I am coming home ;) just kidding!!
Recently I have been getting up at like 6 and getting a solid workout in.. I have seen the biggest change in my days! Its amazing! I just have felt more in tune with the spirit because of how awake I am!

We had an appointment with a less active member Billy...  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Brother Brill after for dinner! Super fun!!

Friday we had trade offs with the Spanish elders. Kalama came with miller and I and inbody went to the Spanish side. During personal studies I read the talk "Becoming men and women of integrity" by Tad R. Callister. Such a boss talk!! Everyone should definitely read it!! Kalama Miller and I went to this lady Marsha's house who we had previously met tracting. She would talk and say "You know what God is telling me right now" He is saying: Marsha, everything these boys are teaching is false... I don't need another book to expand the gospel." We were like whhhhaatttt!! The whole conversation she claims God was speaking to her about our "false teachings"... I wanted to be like yeah sorry but that's your self conscience talking hah! She is crazy but I love her!! We thought she was a potential Gator... but nope ha!

We had another BBQ with Wayne and Lima.. They cook the most food ever haha! It was so fun though! The park was super cool but it was infested with bugs which was annoying as heck!!!

Church was good yesterday. Jay met us in the parking lot before church and told us that he is going to go to a different church because he is trying to find the right one for him... It was sad to hear but its okay! He will be back! That's a fact!!! We went tracting and we talked to this catholic lady and she said that we wish we believed in Jesus Christ... I said " Ma'm look whos name is bold on our name tag" She said "Oh" hahah it was funny!

Well it was a good week! I hope you all are doing very good!!!
Love, Elder BALDWIN

Trade offs with Elder Kalama

Big fat blister--EEEWWW!!!

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