Wednesday, September 23, 2015

They just keep getting better and better!!! Sept.21, 2015

Hello everyone! Elder Farnsworth and I had a super good week!! They just keep getting better and better!! AMAZING

On Tuesday Farney and I went on trade offs with our zone leaders. I went to Destin (party central) with my boy Elder Jones... Such a boss!! We had an unreeeallll day!! We met one of their investigators at Starbucks. He orders us this drink and we had no idea if it had coffee or not haha! We looked at each other like what the heck do we do hah! I was like... just pretend to drink it hah! After a little bit the guy we were with was like "guys... it doesn't have coffee in it... stop pretending to drink it" hahahah! We were so embarrassed but it was so dang funny! We went to a less active ladies house and come to find out she is going totally blind. Elder Jones and I gave her a blessing and then taught her and her nonmember friend. Oh wow... the spirit was so strong in that house. I don't think I have felt it that strong in a while. It was so awesome. So we knocked on this door later in the day and this guy starts yelling at us telling us that we are soliciting haha we told him that God is free and then he slams the door and we stood on the porch and just laughed. It was great. And then later that night we get stopped by the police while walking to an appointment... haha that was super funny as well!!

"Old things are done away and all things have become new." "Hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold, I am the light which ye shall hold up.."

So there is a fair coming up here in Fort Walton and we got permission to set up a "meet the Mormons" booth during it! It is going to be so fun!! We are going to have tvs set up playing videos and all kinds of good stuff! We also will have a sign that says "FREE LEMONADE AND BOOK OF MORMON" haha! We also finally talked to Brian B. and he was finally sober enough to understand our lesson hah!

Saturday was the big baptism day!! I got the priviledge to baptize Aleisha Lee Toe'a Siaki King... yeah that was hard to remember haha! It was so cool though!!

Yeah so it was a good week! We taught about 10 investigator lessons so the work is going pretty good!! Love you all and hope you have a great week!! 

Love, Elder Baldwin

Baptism of Aleisha

My area

Bang!!! Sept. 14, 2015

"In the midst of the miracle of serving, there is the promise of Jesus, that by losing ourselves, we find ourselves." - Spencer W. Kimball. What an amazing quote. How true is that?

On Tuesday we got a referral from our ward mission leader. It is this man named Joe and he lives in this little community full of people that suffer from depression and what not. So we went over and met him and talked to him for a little bit. As we were talking to him like 3 or 4 other people came and just sat in on our conversation. Farnsworth and I were like shoot... might as well teach these people some gospel truths hah! It was funny! But so good!

On Wednesday we went over to Alfred P's because he said he had a gift he wanted to give us. he straight gave us 20$ each... He seriously would not let us give it back to him. he was determined that we keep it. He said that he only does this to people that make a huge impact in his life. It was so amazing considering that he doesn't have very much money at all. That man will always have a special place in my heart.

Friday was a good day! We taught Brian B. the Word of Wisdom again haha! And yes... he was drunk again hah! AHH! We met with our main man David O. and filled out his paperwork to get approved by the first presidency to get baptized!! We also mailed it in! We are so anxious to hear back!!

Sunday was good! So when we walked outside to go to ward council the weather was 65 degress with no humidity. Our minds were blown. We seriously didn't know what to do haha! I seriously forgot what no humidity feels like! Feels amazing!! David O. was our only investigator who showed up to church :/. Its okay though!!

I hope you all have a great week!! Just remember to lose yourself in the service. GOD SPEED!

Love, Elder Baldwin

Elder Farnsworth and I in our matching pink ties

Elder Farnsworth caught me taking a quick nap

Go Hard or Go Harder! Sept.7, 2015

Are you all ready for the best story ever?? 

So on Tuesday, Elder Farnsworth and I were in Walmart picking up a few items for our apartment when we get this phone call. This man that called us has a name of David O. He got our number from I guess he was chatting with people on the site and they gave him our number. So David gets to telling us his life story and here it is: "I was a Protestant Minister for pretty much my whole teenage years. The whole time i was preaching... It felt incomplete. Well, later down the road I went through a bad divorce and got in with drug gangs and became a raging alcoholic. I was sentenced to 9 years in prison after running into the law. While I was in jail, I came across the teachings from the prophet John Taylor book. I read it multiple times. I got in contact with a bishop from Tallahassee that came and visited me weekly. One of our visits, he gave me a Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and The Doctrine and Convenants. I read it 8 times through. I also came across all of the Work and the Glory books. I read all 8 of those books. I know a lot about the Mormon faith and you two won't be needing to convert me... I am already converting me. HOW MIND BLOWING IS THAT!!! So we met with David the following day and he seriously knows more about the church than Farnsworth and I together. haha! HE WAS TEACHING US! So we set a baptismal date with him on September 26th. Super cool. He then mentions to us that he is still on probation until November. We told our Zone Leaders to see if we can still baptize him and they told us that we have to fill out a form with him and send it in to the first presidency to get it approved. He came to church yesterday and absolutely fell in love. Hopefully the first presidency approves!! WOOWW!!!! OBEDIENCE PAYS OFF PEOPLE!!!! Miracles are real and Heavenly Father is preparing the best of his children for this gospel. It is truly amazing how it works. I love it so much. It just comes to show that this really is HIS work. We are out here being his mouthpiece... Its just our job to open our mouths and be in the right place at the right time. Thats what went on this week. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!!
Love, Elder

Me and Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Staying in Ft. Walton Aug. 31, 2015

We got transfer calls last night and Elder Farnsworth and I are staying here in Fort Walton Beach!!!! Such a relief when we heard that because we are having an absolute blast here!! It is the best!! 

So we found a new investigator on Tuesday. His name is Mike L. We think he is Autistic but we just aren't sure yet  We have taught him the restoration and the plan of salvation.  Its amazing!! We also met John the Baptist on Tuesday. We were just walking down the main street in the city and this dude comes up to us and asks if we know who he is... we didn't. He then yells I am Flipping JOHN THE BAPTIST. (except he didn't say flipping). He also claimed he was the Angel of Gabriel and the Angel of Death... It was so funny because he started yelling to all the Anti Christs in the world. haha! It was amazing!! I love my mission. 

So Brian B., another investigator, is doing pretty good. We had 2 lessons with him this week. He mentioned to us that he wants to get baptized. Super cool. He is having a really hard time with keeping commitments though.. but we are working with him and he is making big improvements. It is so awesome to see people change their lives because of the gospel. It is fun to see little miracles like that each and every day. 

I found some amazing quotes that I think everyone would like. Here they are: 
"Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to make"
"you don't know how strong you are until strong is the only thing you have left"

Elder Black came on a trade off with me on Friday! It was such a fun day! I love him so much!!! We went to the store and bought selfie sticks hahah! We took so many dang photos!! At 7pm, Jay C. took us to the local high school football game. It was fun! Made me miss it for sure!! And people here in the south really love marching bands hahah! 

On Saturday I gave everyone hair cuts haha! I am starting to give them fades and they are looking so dang good! Saturday night, Spanish had a baptism. It was super cool! Baptisms are just the absolute best!! Seeing that smile as they come up out of the water is just explainable. Trenidy Thomas took us to his house after for dinner and guess who was there.... Elder Miller. My trainer. It was so fun to see him and catch up!! He is doing so good in the real world again hah!! 

Sunday was a very interesting day in 2nd wards sacrament meeting. So this lady was giving her talk and started crying. this like 90 year old lady that was sitting in the front row throws a whole box of tissues at her hahah! Oh my gosh i was laughing so dang hard it was crazyyy!!!! I love my mission!! Eduardo that got baptized on Saturday was confirmed during 1st wards sacrament. I got to be a part of the confirmation. Good stuff. 

I am still loving every second of it out here!! So I have thought to myself recently.. "man i need a baptism" and then I was like... really... is that all you want? It's not about numbers out here and that is what I love. I love meeting new people and just planting that little seed in them. I have grown so much from realizing that already. It has taught me to really love everyone that I have come in contact with. it is truly a blessing to be out here on a mission. 

I hope all you have a great week!! Ill talk to you next monday!! 
Love, Elder Baldwin

We found the "Mystery Machine"!!!

Shortest Week Ever! Aug. 25, 2015

Hello everyone!! 

So last Monday I came down with strep throat... Worst day ever. AHHH!! I went home and fell asleep at like 6pm... I couldnt sleep through the night... I just felt absolutely terrible. I was out the whole entire week. I decided to finally man up and go to work on Friday. I finally realized that I couldn't be laying down in bed when there are people out there that need the gospel... Not Cool Elder Baldwin!!! So I got up and went and did some work! I didn't feel good at all but by the end of the day... I felt perfectly fine. Such a blessing. 

We had our district meeting Friday instead of Tuesday because of how sick I was on tuesday. Trenidy Thomas (member from 1st ward) came in and gave the lesson. He absolutely killed it! It was such an amazing lesson! Basically he taught that before telling others about their faults and wrong doings... check yourself. How true is that statement. Most always, we look for the faults of other people before we look for the faults in our self. Something to really think about.

On Saturday, Farnsworth and I went over to the Stevens house and helped Tim Stevens with yard work. We were seriously dripping sweat within 20 minutes of working. I drank like 20 water bottles... no lie! It was unreal! Burning those calories baby!!! haha! It was so good though! We got so much done and the yard looks amazing... of course ;) It was a great time! I love performing service for people! Especially after being down and sick... I was so anxious to get out and provide service again! I am getting addicted to it!!

Sunday was good! I gave a talk in 2nd ward. I was told that I was the youth speaker so i only had to speak for 5 minutes... haha. SO before the mission it seemed like giving a talk for 5 minutes took forever. On the mission.... It feels like 30 seconds. I had so much to say hah! I talked on Faith in the Book of Mormon. I basically went over Alma chapter 32 about planting that seed of faith in our hearts and how we have to continually nourish it. So during 1st ward... there was a ceiling leak from the A/C unit and in the middle of sacrament the ceiling came crashing down!! It was the craziest most funniest thing I have ever witnessed hahah! The whole congregation like yelled hahah! Water went everryyywhheerrree!!! It was so funny! I couldn't stop laughing oh my gosh!!! 

Yesterday was a super good day! We had a Half Mission Conference. It was held at our building here in Fort Walton. Farnsworth and I had to go to the church at 7 to meet President Smith and the AP's to set up for it. About 105 missionaries were in attendance to hear Elder Neilson and Elder Stenfield of the Quorum of the 70 speak to us and train us. Such good training went on. It was such an awesome experience! The Spirit was so strong in there!! So the authorities decided to choose Mine and Farnsworths appartment to inspect after our conference... So the authorities, their wives, President and Sister Smith, and us missionaries were squeezed into our tiny apartment haha! It was funny! We passed inspection hah! Our apartment is 10x more blessed now cuz general authorities were in there ;) SO that is why our Pday is today instead of yesterday! It was a great day!!

I hope everyone is still doing well!! I love you all and miss you all so so much!!

Love, Elder Baldwin

Half Mission Conference Aug. 24, 2015

Elder & Sister Nielson, Elders Farnsworth & Baldwin, Elder & Sister Stenfield

Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week gone by Aug.17, 2015

Hello Familia!

So last Tuesday was solid. We had District meeting. We talked about the importance of extending commitments and what commitments we are keeping ourselves. I ended up Giving Elder Black a haircut. I am the go to guy from cutting hair now... I guess I got to by my own set of clippers haha! We had interviews with President Smith later that day. So I walk into my interview and he looks at my shoes and tells me I need to polish them. He then randomly pulls out Minc Oil from his backpack and starts polishing them for me. He makes me polish my right shoe while he did the left. So here we are during an interview polishing my shoes... It was so stinking funny!! He is such a stud though!!! 

We met with Jay C. for the first time in a while on Wednesday. We got to talking about how is "search" is going. He told us that the mormons are still his #1! haha So sick!

Thursday night a single elderly lady from 1st ward took us out to dinner. During dinner she was asking Farney and I what we wanted to do when we got home (even though that is so far for me). After I tell her my plans she says "Now Elder Baldwin, you are an astonishing good looking man, girls are going to be flocking to you when you get home. I know that you will be very successful in what ever career you choose because people will just want to be around your good looks." Uggghhh thanks Sister Loquercio hahahah!!! It was so awkward. Farsnworth was just dying laughing... It was interesting haha! I LOVVVEEEE MY MISSIONNNN!!!!

Thursday night I had a dream that I got called up to the MLB to the Angels. My first at bat I hit a single up the middle. Next batter hit a double off the wall, so I moved to third. I ended up scoring... So sick. So I was playing 3rd on defense. First ball hit to me, I made the routine out. Next ball hit to me.... i made an error. Then I woke up. Worst way to end a dream ever!!! We had a lesson with Brian B. on Firday. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and we actually extended the baptismal invitation. HE ACCPETED IT!! It was so cool!! We have some more lessons to teach him but we are working on setting a date with him right now!!

Saturday was crazy. This member that has been struggling with a lot of things calls us and tells us that he is commit suicide. Oh heck no.... not on my watch. We make him meet us at the church building. he shows us the rope that he is going to hang himself with. i took it from him and put it in my backpack. We went into the building and had such a spiritual experience. It was an aggressive lesson for sure. I can tell that it slapped him in the face... He didn't know what to say and he was embarrassed for his actions. We left the building laughing and joking with him. Definitely thankful that he had the courage to call us. It was so crazy. 

On Sunday we went to go pick up Brian B. for church.. he didnt show up.. AHHH such a bummer! I brought clothes for him to wear because he asked me too and he didnt show up... Ah i was so bummed out! But it is okay!!! After church we went across the street from the church to the Grave families place. Such an awesome Southern Hospitality family. Tim Graves is the biggest Nascar fan... he had the race on and he made us watch it with him haha! NOONE INTERRUPTS THE RACE he says hahah! 

This morning we went out to the beach to go fishing with Dave Liufau and his brothers that are visiting him. It was super sick! This crazy storm came in and hit us. Lightning was striking like 50 feet away from us... ughhh it was time to go hahah!! SO cool though!!!

Well it was a good week! Hope all is well with everyone!! Love you all!! Remember, we are never alone in any situation. There is always ONE being who knows exactly what we are going through. Its just up to our courage, faith, and humility to go to him. 

Love, Elder Baldwin

Me fishing this morning on Pday

Mellow Week Aug. 10, 2015

hello there! Another week and more blessings!!!

My heart just has been full of love and gratitude this week. I love my mission so so much. I never want to come home ;)... sorry mom. There was just something about this week. I was just so at peace and so calm. It was amazing. i loved it.

On Tuesday morning, or really good friend Trenidy Thomas took us to the beach to go running. I ran about a mile and a half and just died... I sat at the shore break and just couldn't breathe haha it was miserable!!! i had the weirdest dream that night. I got home from my mission but I couldn't remember anything from it. i kept asking if i had served a full two years because nothing was coming to my mind about a mission... It was s o weird hahah! on Wednesday night we and the Spanish elders taught English class at the church! It was hilarious! So one of the teachers that is a member started teaching the class how to say "He smoked the weed in his house" I was like nooooo this is not happening right now!! It was so stinking funny! i dont know what gave him the idea to teach Mexicans how to say that in english!!  Not good!

On Thursday I had an awesome personal study. I read from mosiah 15 to Mosiah 22. Such solid chapters. in Chapter 17, Abinadi is burned to death for his "false" teachings. While he was being put into the pit to be burned he told the king that he was about to shed innocent blood. Everything that Abinadi taught, he testified of it's truth and he was not going to take back what he had taught. his foundation was set in Christ and he was immmovable. Such a stud!! Farnsworth's year mark was Thursday so we burned some stuff on our porch at night haha it was tiiigghhhtt!

Friday morning we helped this non member Bill help move. it was cool cuz he collected everything sports! he had a Pete Rose Authentic jersey that was signed.... It was too sick! I almost stole it for you Dad!! ahha! Trenidy picked us up later that day for dinner back at his house!! He made us spaghetti with ribs as the meat... it was bomb!! We had such a solid lesson with him! I lvoe the guy so so much! 

Saturday we had trade offs with the zone leaders. It was super good! Everyone keeps telling me i am going zone leader next transfer... NOOO!! 

Oh man its so rough being over two wards!! Everyone thinks that missionaries are indestructible!! Its quite sressful! So 2nd ward didnt have a gospel principles teacher... In the middle of 1st ward PEC meeting members of 2nd ward pull me out and expect me to drop what I am doing to go teach... I told them i was in the middle of a meeting. Oh they got sooo dang mad! And then i start feling super bad and guilty... it was a mess. the Stevens family finally got back in town! they went on a 4 week vacation! Missed them so much! We went to their place after church and they showed us the billion photos they took haha! looked fun! 

I am so happy today is PDay though!! i love pdays! haha
Hope everyone is doing good! Love you all so so much! 
Elder Baldwin

Share a Coke with your BRO

Trade off with the Zone Leaders

Amazing Week Aug. 3, 2015

This week was amazing!!! Elder Farnsworth and I killed it! It was so much fun!!!

On Tuesday we got invited as a district to go sing at another nursing home hah! The old people just love us so much!!!! We went and tried to contact potential investigators later that day. We came across this 16 year old girl named Chyann ... SHe answered the door and she was so high! hahah it was so funny! She was so awkward though! We went contacting later that night at a trailer park. Thats Farnsworth and I's gold mine... trailer Park.. we try to hit one every night haha! While we were biking this dude pulls over and yells at me "hey man who gives a *** about our Lord and Savior?" I said "Oh man you need Jesus" He said "NO I DONT" and drove away... sad man..

Wednesday we had a lesson with Allen. The lesson was going so solid. It was so solid that I felt impressed to invite him to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and be baptized... he straight up said "No"..... It was awkward hahahah! it was awesome!!!! We had a lesson with this mid 20's man named Willy. He is straight a thug. he would give Farnsowrht and I this death stare for like a minute straight! It was sketchy!!!

"there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are acted upon and those who act." I read that during studies one morning. So we got a refferal for this man named David B.. We taught him the first two lessons... After the plan of salvation lesson we asked him how everything was sounding.. he said "you know, it sounds like the things i heard when I was bap[tized." Farney looked at me and we just laughed. The dude was already a member!! We were teaching him like he was an investigator! Bummer!!!!

On Saturday we were supposed to have a lesson with this man Bryan that we met in a trailer park. We biked all the way to his place for him to cancel on us. He told us "man, I dont feel like talking about Jesus while tipping back on some beer is okay" hahah it was so funny! he was so drunk it was great!!!! 

Our investgator Nicole B. showed up to church yesterday! heather R. showed up also!! So cool!!! 

I hope everyone has a great week!!!

John Camp and I

Had to mark my territory on the desk in our apartment

Miracle of the Week July 27,2015

So we got this refferal from our zone leaders for this girl named Heather on Friday. So I gave her a call that day and she answers and we talk for a little bit. She starts texting us like crazy about the Book of Mormon... We were like dang this lady is legit!! She was asking us what scriptures we would have her read so we gave her a ton haha! She then asks us "so when is church?" Oh my gosh Farnsworth and I seriosuly started dancing when we got that message haaha! We gave her the address to the church and she replies with "wow thats only 3 minutes away so there is no excuse to me not going" OHHH MYYY GOSHHHHH!!!! PUMPED!! She showed up to church Sunday... I introduced Heather to the relief society president and she took her around! We met with Heather after church for like an hour and it was so solid!! i loved it so much! It was so powerful! She is definitely going to come back so I can't wait to see how it goes!! I love my mission so much its unreal!!!! 

New Companion July 27, 2015

So i got my new companion! Elder Drew Farnsworth from Mesa Arizona! He is such a stud! I love him so much! We have been doing work already in these past few days together!! We have 3 new investigators and 7 new potential investigators! It's so amazing!! I love it!!!

At transfers President Smith makes me stand up in front of the whole mission and calls me out about my hair hahah! My hair has gotten lighter out here on the mission! He was like elder whats wrong with your hair? I was like Its vitamin D! hahah! he laughed so hard and then had me sit down! It was too funny but so embarrassing!!!

On Thursday we did weekly planning and I had to do it by myslef because Farnsworth doesnt know the area. It was so hard but it was so solid! its crazy that i am over this area already after one transfer! Its super fun though because i get to call the shots ;) 

On Friday we biked like 3 or 4 miles to a return appointment from last week. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a lesson for that day. Well we bike to his house and he wasn't there... sweet. I called him but he didnt answer and hasn't called back so i am bummed about that. Dave, in the 1st ward from Anaheim CA, came up to me during volleyball later that night and gives me this big leather Angels A patch! Its the sickest thing ever! I love it so much! I was pumped and still am about it haha!

On Saturday we helped our investigator Nicole move from her little town home to an actual home! Her husband is currently deployed so we did work!!! She was too excited and so great full for our help! She was surprised that we actually do the service we talk oh so much about!! It impressed her a ton! We had a Book of Mormon refferal for this black man named Bernard. he is a boss!!! We were teachiong him in his garage and it was so flipping hot and humid it felt as if we were in a sauna... I felt sweat dripping down my legs.. ahh it was terrible but the spirit was so strong!! We committed him to read Moroni's promise and to find out for himself if the Book is true! 

So we were supposed to have 4 investigators show up for church yesterday... Only one showed up haha. Kind of a big bummer but its okay!! We went and tried to see a guy we contacted on the street last Sunday but he wasn't home, but his niece was! She actually used to take the discussions and SHE set a return appointment with us! Super cool!

Spanish elders spent the night at our place last night and it was a party... of course. We woke up this morning and got some serious pumping done... we are all huge right now! Looking like studs! 

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Baldwin

Zone day at the Beach

Me and the Angels "A" patch