Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 13th

Wassup Wassup family!!

So I had my first Zone Training on Tuesday out in NiceVille. Super fun time even though it was 3 hours long haha!! 

On Wednesday I had lunch with Stephanie Given's (from Los Alamitos) parents that live in my area!! Love them so much already! We talked so much! We definitely lost track of time which kind of was bad but it is okay!! haha! We had a solid lesson with Jay later that day! We meet with him every other day now because he handed his company to one of hind friends so he can meet with us more often! Good stuff!! We had dinner at recently baptized Yogi's  house. He cooked us this Deer stew and oh man it was so bomb!! I have to say... It did destroy my stomach haha! 

So on Thursday we were driving around contacting the less actives near our dinner appointments house and we spotted a 6 ft chicken! YES A 6FT CHICKEN! Sickest thing ever! So we went right up the door and knocked to ask if we could take a photo... sadly the lady could care less about what we had to share haha but its okay cuz we got a sick photo!! The chickens name is Rex Goliath haha! SO sick!! 

Friday, I had a super good personal study. I watched The Prophet of the Restoration and then the story of John Tanner. John Tanner is a boss!!!! We went and sung at the old peoples home again and its super cool because some of them are remembering the songs that we sing so they sing along!! We went over to Jays again and taught him the proper prayer technique and then made him pray in front of us haha! AND HE DID!! He said that thats the first time he has prayed out loud! COOL STUFF! We had dinner at the Alba's house and Bro Alba and his son Dawson came and picked us up. I sat in the back next to Dawson in his car seat and he was eating Dorritos... He decides to use my shirt as his napkin so I had Dorritos all over my shirt hahah that little punk!!! 

SO elder kalama crashed his bike and has a hairline fracture in his shoulder hahah! So funny! So he tried to hit this jump on the sidewalk and fell and then his companion falls over him hahahah!! Just a big pile up!!

Jay and his wife Angelica showed up to sacrament meeting and it was so good for them!!! Lima and Wayne showed up to church and I was pumped as ever!! I had to teach Gospel Principles by myself which was very interesting because I got a days notice haha! Good thing the class was participating a lot!! Jay and Angelica had us over for dinner. We had bomb street tacos. We taught them the Restoration and it was so solid. The family was digging it so so hard!!! Baptism is definitely in their heads after the lesson so we are solo happy and excited for them!! 

Well, Thats all for this week!! I love you all and wish you the best for this week!
Love always, Elder Baldwin

6ft Chicken--Rex Goliath

Elder Miller

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