Monday, September 14, 2015

New Companion July 27, 2015

So i got my new companion! Elder Drew Farnsworth from Mesa Arizona! He is such a stud! I love him so much! We have been doing work already in these past few days together!! We have 3 new investigators and 7 new potential investigators! It's so amazing!! I love it!!!

At transfers President Smith makes me stand up in front of the whole mission and calls me out about my hair hahah! My hair has gotten lighter out here on the mission! He was like elder whats wrong with your hair? I was like Its vitamin D! hahah! he laughed so hard and then had me sit down! It was too funny but so embarrassing!!!

On Thursday we did weekly planning and I had to do it by myslef because Farnsworth doesnt know the area. It was so hard but it was so solid! its crazy that i am over this area already after one transfer! Its super fun though because i get to call the shots ;) 

On Friday we biked like 3 or 4 miles to a return appointment from last week. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a lesson for that day. Well we bike to his house and he wasn't there... sweet. I called him but he didnt answer and hasn't called back so i am bummed about that. Dave, in the 1st ward from Anaheim CA, came up to me during volleyball later that night and gives me this big leather Angels A patch! Its the sickest thing ever! I love it so much! I was pumped and still am about it haha!

On Saturday we helped our investigator Nicole move from her little town home to an actual home! Her husband is currently deployed so we did work!!! She was too excited and so great full for our help! She was surprised that we actually do the service we talk oh so much about!! It impressed her a ton! We had a Book of Mormon refferal for this black man named Bernard. he is a boss!!! We were teachiong him in his garage and it was so flipping hot and humid it felt as if we were in a sauna... I felt sweat dripping down my legs.. ahh it was terrible but the spirit was so strong!! We committed him to read Moroni's promise and to find out for himself if the Book is true! 

So we were supposed to have 4 investigators show up for church yesterday... Only one showed up haha. Kind of a big bummer but its okay!! We went and tried to see a guy we contacted on the street last Sunday but he wasn't home, but his niece was! She actually used to take the discussions and SHE set a return appointment with us! Super cool!

Spanish elders spent the night at our place last night and it was a party... of course. We woke up this morning and got some serious pumping done... we are all huge right now! Looking like studs! 

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Baldwin

Zone day at the Beach

Me and the Angels "A" patch

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