Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First week iin Florida

First off... Florida is absolutely beautiful!!! On Wednesday I arrived in Florida at about 2:30pm and right away President Smith made us get to work. He gave all the missionaries that flew in a pass along card and told us that we cant leave the airport until we hand one out hahah! First person that I saw I attacked and BAM first pass along card handed out. It was funny. Presid3ent Smith is an absolute stud. I already feel like one of his kids and it is the most comforting thing ever. That night we slept at the mission home and in the middle of the night there was the worst thunder storm ever. the house was literally shaking hahah it was so wild!!
    So I am in a trio companionship right now with Elder Inbody and Elder Miller. Elder Miller is my trainer and he is from Tennessee and he has an amazing story behind him. Elder Inbody is from Cypress CA and we figured out that we have multiple mutual friends! They are two legit and awesome missionaries so I am pumped. Our apartment is the smallest thing I have ever seen. It is a kitchen/living room, a tiny bathroom, and a tiny bedroom hahahah! But who cares at this point. My area is amazing! Its called Fort Walton Beach (Zion). Its this small beach city and the people here are legit.
    On Thursday we did some tracting and got some doors slammed on our face haha! It was great! I was actually laughing a little bit because of the look people had on their faces when we said who we were hahaha! We stopped by the Tess and Yogi's house that night. Tess got baptized a few weeks ago and Yogi is getting baptized this Friday!! He asked me to say the closing prayer so that's cool that I get to be a part of it!! They are such great people. Yogi tells us all the time that if we need a ride or anything to call him because since he retired he has been so bored! hahaha!
    Friday was a bomb day for sure! At 10am we went to the old peoples home with our district and sang them hymns.. The Spanish elders in my district are studs. Elder Kalama is from Hawaii and is the funniest dude ever and Elder Black is a big goof. Those two make it funny and interesting for sure. We went to this  man's house later that night. His name is Alfred and he legitly looks like Yoda hahaha! He is the nicest, most innocent man ever. I call him Bossman cuz he just is. He is also so obsessed with David Bowie hahaha, pictures everywhere in his tiny little house. We all bore our testimony to him about the Holy Ghost and the BOM because he was having struggles with studying and stuff like that. He said that he is super thankful for us. We also met with a dude name John ....  He  and his partner are trying to adopt a little boy from Afghanistan... .
     Sunday was awesome. A couple of our investigaors showed up to church and it was so sick to see them walk in. We got pumped when we saw them because they told us that they didn't think  that they were going to make it. We are over two wards... 2nd and 1st wards. Great wards with great families. One investigator, Jay is awesome. He used to be an alcoholic and he has some  moments that are sketchy. He is married to a woman from Mexico. At dinner one night he told me that I was a very good looking guy and asked if I was a model bahahaha... Great guy though. Sunday night we had dinner at the Stevens house and they have the sickest house on the Bayou which is like a bigger version of a canal... Sickest set up ever.. Super good family that made us feel right at home. I Love them and will spend a lot of time there. I call sister stevens Mamma Stevens cuz she is. Well I think I said everything hahaha!
Love always,
Elder Baldweezy

Elders Miller and Inbody

Me, Elder Miller (front) and Elder Inbody (back)  Love being in a trio!

Our little apartment

 Elder Inbody thinks we are buds!!  hahaha!!!

Elder Miller shreds!!!

A little legless lizard I found!

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