Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MTC Life May 27-June 9, 2015

Well i guess you can officially say that I survived my first week here at the M^TC! I have so much to tell you guys!!! First, the spirit is so strong here!! My companions name is Elder Merrill and he is a kook!!! I love him!! Elder Hostetter (nick, my college roommate) was my host when I first got here!! I freaked out when I saw him!!! Everyone was looking at us weird but i don't care haha. I want everyone to read D&C 68:4-6!!! Its so good.
                Ive been called to be the Zone Leader and there are about 20 missionaries that are coming in tomorrow that I have to watch over... It should be an interesting experience haha! My district is absolutely amazing. We bond so good and we have just the best experiences with each other. 
                So i showed my old zone pictures of Me and Cassie and everyone freaked out!!! They were like deng elder baldwin... how did you score her?? hahah! The other elders were trying to get me to give them her email!! Love those guys!! The sisters here at the MTC can be so weird... Just walking arpound campus ive gottten like 50 winks... ughhh sisters we arent here to flirt.
                 Elder Merrill and I had a great day on the 29th. During our companiuonship study we walked peacfully around campus while readuing out of the preach my gospel. It was a major stress reliever for the both of us. We were both so in tune with the spirit. It was great. There are so many experiences like that. 
                  Elder Hostetter and I had a great talk the other night and it helped me so much. It was the hardest day for me by far and talking to him made it so much better. I am so thankfull for him and that he is here to give me comfort in time of need. I love this gospel and I know at times it can be really tough to be out here but I know for a fact that The Lord is on my side in everythijng. 
                   Ryan, Tenneal, Steve and becki sent me packages and those are so fun to get in the maiL!! its like christmas!!

                    Sundays are absolutley the best here at the MTC. It ios a special day for sure. I had my first zone leader meetings and I am so excited for the new missionaries to come in!! We also had our first temple walk that day and let me tell you, Ive never felt so free... hahah. That night we heard Sister Perry talk, she wrote like all of the primary hymnes. It was awesome because in the middle of her talk her 80 year old husband gets up and kisses her right in front of all of us missionaires!!! We gave him a standing ovation!! hahah. 

                     So yesterday Elder Merrill and I were in a trio companionship with Elder Alvey because his district left the day before he did and he needed a companion. We taught five people yesterday.... Not going to lie, we didnt plan a lesson for a single one of them. Those are always the best lessons though right?? We taught a lady that is from the south and oh boy.... I have some studying to do. Last night during gym i played basketball with this kid who has a full ride to gonzaga.... this dude was just lights out.. it wasnt even fun to play hahah. The Tongan elders that live on my floor gave me the cleanest haircut last night!! It was so sick because there were like four of them working on my hair at one time hahah! It looks so clean though. Definitely the best haircut ive ever gotten!!
                   i AM SO READY TO GO TO FLORIDA! I mean I love the MTC but i just want to work!!!

I love you all and I miss you all so much!
Love always, Elder Baldwin

Elder Hostetter (my roommate at BYU-I) was my Host the first day I arrived at the MTC

Elder Hostetter and I at the Provo Temple

                    Getting a haircut by some Tongan Elders. They give the best haircuts!

My companion Elder Merrill and I sporting our new haircuts!

My District

"Matrix" photo

Elder Peeti (best friends with Elder Tahuri in the Gilbert, Az mission)

Elder Peeti and I

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