Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pictures and Sick Companion

So this week was a good one for sure! Elder Miller got super sick so Inbody and I went out and dropped him off at a members house! I had my first encounter on a basher! This dude came up to me in a restaurant and gave me a paper and said have a nice day! Right away I knew what it was. I opened up the paper and it had all these bible scriptures and then he told us to rethink what we believe... It was really funny actually.

I want everyone to read Ether 12:4-12!! It is so good!! I gave like 4 or 5 priesthood blessings this week! SO wild! I love giving those!! So Elder Erquiaga, our zone leader, came and did trade offs with Inbody and I. We did work!! We seriously talked to everybody on the street! Even the Homeless!! One was like "YEAH IVE SEEN YALL AROUND THINKING YOU ARE ALL IT! hahaha I was laughing so hard I couldn't contain myself... I probably shouldn't have been laughing but it was oh too good. Elder Inbody straight got hit by a car!! BAHAHAHAHA! Funniest day ever!!!! He is okay though.

So one our investigator is getting a divorce with his wife... It is so sad. I hate to see a family break up. Hearing everything that he told us, my motivation to have a strong, eternal relationship with my wife has grown so much. The temple is definitely the place to be!! We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was so good! "We can't walk horizontally with Heavenly father... We HAVE to go Vertical with him" Such powerful words right there. Heavenly Faher doesn't bend the rules... AT ALL... there's no getting around them. The Spanish elders had a baptism! Jesus and Julia! Super cool people and they are so solid in the gospel! Perfect definition of finding the elect!!

Okay so I have seriously gained weight since I have been out here.... I came out to Florida weighing 165... I now weigh 175... I am in some serious trouble haha! The food is just toooooo good!!! I can't help it!! I thought gaining weight was impossible for me!!

Well, that's all for this week!! Happy 4th of July!!
Love you all!
Elder Baldwin

Stevens' Family Dock.  We will be BBQing with them on July 4th

Elder Inbody and I before going to do some work!

Elder Erquiaga and I being cool!  Hahaha!

Me, Elder Erquiaga, Elder Inbody

Elders at District Meeting with matching ties.  LtoR
Elders Black, Kalama, Baldwin, Inbody, Miller

Jose took us out to dinner for Elder Black's birthday!

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