Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last Day in the MTC!!! June 8, 2015

Last day in the MTC!! YEAHHH!!! It has been such a great experience here and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve with the people here. Even though I would like to deck most of them... they are still good people haha. 
    Last Wednesday was a rough day. Elder Merrill and I just felt like nothing was working at all... we didn't feel like we were getting the message we wanted to. It turned right around though when I got packages from Zac, Chelsea and then cupcakes from Cassie!! We had our first zone conference with the 20 new missionaries that night and it took forever. Too many new missionaries haha! I have grown very close to them just in these short few days! 
    Thursday night at gym i messed up my ankle so bad... It has always been bad but I really tweaked it this time! I guess I got to take it easy which is very hard to do! 
     Friday the whole MTC went into the gym to watch the broadcast of Elder L. Tom Perrys funeral. It was such a powerful meeting which was odd to me because funerals are usually depressing ha. He was such a great man. Always serving others before himself. The perfect example of a missionary.
 Later that day Elder Merrill and I got word that one of the new missionaries had a break down. After about 40 minutes of running around the MTC looking for him we finally found him. We sat down with him for about an hour and just talked to him. It is crazy how much of a teacher and a friend you can be with the spirit. The rest of the day he came up to me multiple times and gave me a hug to tell me thanks! It was a great experience! Brother Collinsworth (in Branch Presidency) told me that I literally saved a missionary. 
    Saturday was a rough day. It went south so fast. Probably the roughest day since i have been here. It got bad after lunch when Elder Merrill and I went to class. Our teacher told us that we had many weaknesses and that was a slap to the face. Ether12:27. That scripture really comforted me. But the day got good. We got our 2 investigators  to commit to baptism!! Their names are Trinity and Ashton!! It got us pumped. Those hard days are what I am really thankful for. 
    Yesterday was such a nice fast sunday. It wasn't hard at all and i really wasn't hungry until dinner time.. (blessings). Elder Merrill and I taught elders qorum. Mom can you send BYU vocal point cd's to the mission home in Florida? I gave my first Preisthood blessing last night. I gave it to Sister Maiden. She came up to me because she needed comfort. The spirit really does direct those blessings!! All I did was spit out the words that needed to be said!! 
Well I am sure I will have plenty to say next week in Florida!! Love you all!
Elder Baldwin

                                    Elder Merrill and I.  Last day in the MTC!!!  FLORIDA HERE WE COME!!!  
                                                                       Can't wait to get there and work!

 Elder Collinsworth (in my Branch Presidency) I LOVE this man! 

Me and the Elders in my District.  "When we hear someone wants to get baptized"!!!!

Elders in my Zone (I got them to do the nose scratch)

My Whole Zone (I was able to be the Zone leader)  A childhood friend Brooklen Bell ended up being in my Zone, fun to see her (back left Sister)

Elder Wade.  He has a full ride scholarship to Gonzaga for Basketball)  We have been balling it up!!

The "Tongan" Elders.  Love these guys!!!

 Elder Tahuri's (Gilbert, AZ Mission) best friends.  They are from New Zealand.  Fun to talk surfing with them!  Elder Peeti on the left is going to the Martial Islands.

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