Monday, September 14, 2015

Mellow Week Aug. 10, 2015

hello there! Another week and more blessings!!!

My heart just has been full of love and gratitude this week. I love my mission so so much. I never want to come home ;)... sorry mom. There was just something about this week. I was just so at peace and so calm. It was amazing. i loved it.

On Tuesday morning, or really good friend Trenidy Thomas took us to the beach to go running. I ran about a mile and a half and just died... I sat at the shore break and just couldn't breathe haha it was miserable!!! i had the weirdest dream that night. I got home from my mission but I couldn't remember anything from it. i kept asking if i had served a full two years because nothing was coming to my mind about a mission... It was s o weird hahah! on Wednesday night we and the Spanish elders taught English class at the church! It was hilarious! So one of the teachers that is a member started teaching the class how to say "He smoked the weed in his house" I was like nooooo this is not happening right now!! It was so stinking funny! i dont know what gave him the idea to teach Mexicans how to say that in english!!  Not good!

On Thursday I had an awesome personal study. I read from mosiah 15 to Mosiah 22. Such solid chapters. in Chapter 17, Abinadi is burned to death for his "false" teachings. While he was being put into the pit to be burned he told the king that he was about to shed innocent blood. Everything that Abinadi taught, he testified of it's truth and he was not going to take back what he had taught. his foundation was set in Christ and he was immmovable. Such a stud!! Farnsworth's year mark was Thursday so we burned some stuff on our porch at night haha it was tiiigghhhtt!

Friday morning we helped this non member Bill help move. it was cool cuz he collected everything sports! he had a Pete Rose Authentic jersey that was signed.... It was too sick! I almost stole it for you Dad!! ahha! Trenidy picked us up later that day for dinner back at his house!! He made us spaghetti with ribs as the meat... it was bomb!! We had such a solid lesson with him! I lvoe the guy so so much! 

Saturday we had trade offs with the zone leaders. It was super good! Everyone keeps telling me i am going zone leader next transfer... NOOO!! 

Oh man its so rough being over two wards!! Everyone thinks that missionaries are indestructible!! Its quite sressful! So 2nd ward didnt have a gospel principles teacher... In the middle of 1st ward PEC meeting members of 2nd ward pull me out and expect me to drop what I am doing to go teach... I told them i was in the middle of a meeting. Oh they got sooo dang mad! And then i start feling super bad and guilty... it was a mess. the Stevens family finally got back in town! they went on a 4 week vacation! Missed them so much! We went to their place after church and they showed us the billion photos they took haha! looked fun! 

I am so happy today is PDay though!! i love pdays! haha
Hope everyone is doing good! Love you all so so much! 
Elder Baldwin

Share a Coke with your BRO

Trade off with the Zone Leaders

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