Monday, September 14, 2015

Miracle of the Week July 27,2015

So we got this refferal from our zone leaders for this girl named Heather on Friday. So I gave her a call that day and she answers and we talk for a little bit. She starts texting us like crazy about the Book of Mormon... We were like dang this lady is legit!! She was asking us what scriptures we would have her read so we gave her a ton haha! She then asks us "so when is church?" Oh my gosh Farnsworth and I seriosuly started dancing when we got that message haaha! We gave her the address to the church and she replies with "wow thats only 3 minutes away so there is no excuse to me not going" OHHH MYYY GOSHHHHH!!!! PUMPED!! She showed up to church Sunday... I introduced Heather to the relief society president and she took her around! We met with Heather after church for like an hour and it was so solid!! i loved it so much! It was so powerful! She is definitely going to come back so I can't wait to see how it goes!! I love my mission so much its unreal!!!! 

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