Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week gone by Aug.17, 2015

Hello Familia!

So last Tuesday was solid. We had District meeting. We talked about the importance of extending commitments and what commitments we are keeping ourselves. I ended up Giving Elder Black a haircut. I am the go to guy from cutting hair now... I guess I got to by my own set of clippers haha! We had interviews with President Smith later that day. So I walk into my interview and he looks at my shoes and tells me I need to polish them. He then randomly pulls out Minc Oil from his backpack and starts polishing them for me. He makes me polish my right shoe while he did the left. So here we are during an interview polishing my shoes... It was so stinking funny!! He is such a stud though!!! 

We met with Jay C. for the first time in a while on Wednesday. We got to talking about how is "search" is going. He told us that the mormons are still his #1! haha So sick!

Thursday night a single elderly lady from 1st ward took us out to dinner. During dinner she was asking Farney and I what we wanted to do when we got home (even though that is so far for me). After I tell her my plans she says "Now Elder Baldwin, you are an astonishing good looking man, girls are going to be flocking to you when you get home. I know that you will be very successful in what ever career you choose because people will just want to be around your good looks." Uggghhh thanks Sister Loquercio hahahah!!! It was so awkward. Farsnworth was just dying laughing... It was interesting haha! I LOVVVEEEE MY MISSIONNNN!!!!

Thursday night I had a dream that I got called up to the MLB to the Angels. My first at bat I hit a single up the middle. Next batter hit a double off the wall, so I moved to third. I ended up scoring... So sick. So I was playing 3rd on defense. First ball hit to me, I made the routine out. Next ball hit to me.... i made an error. Then I woke up. Worst way to end a dream ever!!! We had a lesson with Brian B. on Firday. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and we actually extended the baptismal invitation. HE ACCPETED IT!! It was so cool!! We have some more lessons to teach him but we are working on setting a date with him right now!!

Saturday was crazy. This member that has been struggling with a lot of things calls us and tells us that he is commit suicide. Oh heck no.... not on my watch. We make him meet us at the church building. he shows us the rope that he is going to hang himself with. i took it from him and put it in my backpack. We went into the building and had such a spiritual experience. It was an aggressive lesson for sure. I can tell that it slapped him in the face... He didn't know what to say and he was embarrassed for his actions. We left the building laughing and joking with him. Definitely thankful that he had the courage to call us. It was so crazy. 

On Sunday we went to go pick up Brian B. for church.. he didnt show up.. AHHH such a bummer! I brought clothes for him to wear because he asked me too and he didnt show up... Ah i was so bummed out! But it is okay!!! After church we went across the street from the church to the Grave families place. Such an awesome Southern Hospitality family. Tim Graves is the biggest Nascar fan... he had the race on and he made us watch it with him haha! NOONE INTERRUPTS THE RACE he says hahah! 

This morning we went out to the beach to go fishing with Dave Liufau and his brothers that are visiting him. It was super sick! This crazy storm came in and hit us. Lightning was striking like 50 feet away from us... ughhh it was time to go hahah!! SO cool though!!!

Well it was a good week! Hope all is well with everyone!! Love you all!! Remember, we are never alone in any situation. There is always ONE being who knows exactly what we are going through. Its just up to our courage, faith, and humility to go to him. 

Love, Elder Baldwin

Me fishing this morning on Pday

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