Wednesday, September 23, 2015

They just keep getting better and better!!! Sept.21, 2015

Hello everyone! Elder Farnsworth and I had a super good week!! They just keep getting better and better!! AMAZING

On Tuesday Farney and I went on trade offs with our zone leaders. I went to Destin (party central) with my boy Elder Jones... Such a boss!! We had an unreeeallll day!! We met one of their investigators at Starbucks. He orders us this drink and we had no idea if it had coffee or not haha! We looked at each other like what the heck do we do hah! I was like... just pretend to drink it hah! After a little bit the guy we were with was like "guys... it doesn't have coffee in it... stop pretending to drink it" hahahah! We were so embarrassed but it was so dang funny! We went to a less active ladies house and come to find out she is going totally blind. Elder Jones and I gave her a blessing and then taught her and her nonmember friend. Oh wow... the spirit was so strong in that house. I don't think I have felt it that strong in a while. It was so awesome. So we knocked on this door later in the day and this guy starts yelling at us telling us that we are soliciting haha we told him that God is free and then he slams the door and we stood on the porch and just laughed. It was great. And then later that night we get stopped by the police while walking to an appointment... haha that was super funny as well!!

"Old things are done away and all things have become new." "Hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold, I am the light which ye shall hold up.."

So there is a fair coming up here in Fort Walton and we got permission to set up a "meet the Mormons" booth during it! It is going to be so fun!! We are going to have tvs set up playing videos and all kinds of good stuff! We also will have a sign that says "FREE LEMONADE AND BOOK OF MORMON" haha! We also finally talked to Brian B. and he was finally sober enough to understand our lesson hah!

Saturday was the big baptism day!! I got the priviledge to baptize Aleisha Lee Toe'a Siaki King... yeah that was hard to remember haha! It was so cool though!!

Yeah so it was a good week! We taught about 10 investigator lessons so the work is going pretty good!! Love you all and hope you have a great week!! 

Love, Elder Baldwin

Baptism of Aleisha

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