Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bang!!! Sept. 14, 2015

"In the midst of the miracle of serving, there is the promise of Jesus, that by losing ourselves, we find ourselves." - Spencer W. Kimball. What an amazing quote. How true is that?

On Tuesday we got a referral from our ward mission leader. It is this man named Joe and he lives in this little community full of people that suffer from depression and what not. So we went over and met him and talked to him for a little bit. As we were talking to him like 3 or 4 other people came and just sat in on our conversation. Farnsworth and I were like shoot... might as well teach these people some gospel truths hah! It was funny! But so good!

On Wednesday we went over to Alfred P's because he said he had a gift he wanted to give us. he straight gave us 20$ each... He seriously would not let us give it back to him. he was determined that we keep it. He said that he only does this to people that make a huge impact in his life. It was so amazing considering that he doesn't have very much money at all. That man will always have a special place in my heart.

Friday was a good day! We taught Brian B. the Word of Wisdom again haha! And yes... he was drunk again hah! AHH! We met with our main man David O. and filled out his paperwork to get approved by the first presidency to get baptized!! We also mailed it in! We are so anxious to hear back!!

Sunday was good! So when we walked outside to go to ward council the weather was 65 degress with no humidity. Our minds were blown. We seriously didn't know what to do haha! I seriously forgot what no humidity feels like! Feels amazing!! David O. was our only investigator who showed up to church :/. Its okay though!!

I hope you all have a great week!! Just remember to lose yourself in the service. GOD SPEED!

Love, Elder Baldwin

Elder Farnsworth and I in our matching pink ties

Elder Farnsworth caught me taking a quick nap

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