Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shortest Week Ever! Aug. 25, 2015

Hello everyone!! 

So last Monday I came down with strep throat... Worst day ever. AHHH!! I went home and fell asleep at like 6pm... I couldnt sleep through the night... I just felt absolutely terrible. I was out the whole entire week. I decided to finally man up and go to work on Friday. I finally realized that I couldn't be laying down in bed when there are people out there that need the gospel... Not Cool Elder Baldwin!!! So I got up and went and did some work! I didn't feel good at all but by the end of the day... I felt perfectly fine. Such a blessing. 

We had our district meeting Friday instead of Tuesday because of how sick I was on tuesday. Trenidy Thomas (member from 1st ward) came in and gave the lesson. He absolutely killed it! It was such an amazing lesson! Basically he taught that before telling others about their faults and wrong doings... check yourself. How true is that statement. Most always, we look for the faults of other people before we look for the faults in our self. Something to really think about.

On Saturday, Farnsworth and I went over to the Stevens house and helped Tim Stevens with yard work. We were seriously dripping sweat within 20 minutes of working. I drank like 20 water bottles... no lie! It was unreal! Burning those calories baby!!! haha! It was so good though! We got so much done and the yard looks amazing... of course ;) It was a great time! I love performing service for people! Especially after being down and sick... I was so anxious to get out and provide service again! I am getting addicted to it!!

Sunday was good! I gave a talk in 2nd ward. I was told that I was the youth speaker so i only had to speak for 5 minutes... haha. SO before the mission it seemed like giving a talk for 5 minutes took forever. On the mission.... It feels like 30 seconds. I had so much to say hah! I talked on Faith in the Book of Mormon. I basically went over Alma chapter 32 about planting that seed of faith in our hearts and how we have to continually nourish it. So during 1st ward... there was a ceiling leak from the A/C unit and in the middle of sacrament the ceiling came crashing down!! It was the craziest most funniest thing I have ever witnessed hahah! The whole congregation like yelled hahah! Water went everryyywhheerrree!!! It was so funny! I couldn't stop laughing oh my gosh!!! 

Yesterday was a super good day! We had a Half Mission Conference. It was held at our building here in Fort Walton. Farnsworth and I had to go to the church at 7 to meet President Smith and the AP's to set up for it. About 105 missionaries were in attendance to hear Elder Neilson and Elder Stenfield of the Quorum of the 70 speak to us and train us. Such good training went on. It was such an awesome experience! The Spirit was so strong in there!! So the authorities decided to choose Mine and Farnsworths appartment to inspect after our conference... So the authorities, their wives, President and Sister Smith, and us missionaries were squeezed into our tiny apartment haha! It was funny! We passed inspection hah! Our apartment is 10x more blessed now cuz general authorities were in there ;) SO that is why our Pday is today instead of yesterday! It was a great day!!

I hope everyone is still doing well!! I love you all and miss you all so so much!!

Love, Elder Baldwin

Half Mission Conference Aug. 24, 2015

Elder & Sister Nielson, Elders Farnsworth & Baldwin, Elder & Sister Stenfield

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